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How to get a Whitelist spot?

Many visitors come to find out the solution of how to get whitelist spot. What is a Whitelist Spot? A whitelist spot is rewarded to the members who are early and privileged to mint the NFTs on the discounted price. 

Our presale has been schedule to be launched on 3rd Apr, 2022 from 6pm UTC to 8pm UTC at 0.04 ETH only for whitelisted members. A 2 hours window before we will launch our Public sale from 8:30pm UTC at 0.06 ETH.

How to get whitelisted? Well, there are 3 options on how to avail a whitelist spot to be able to mint at the discounted price. These Options are mentioned as below:

Option 1 (Recommended)

Step 01: Join our Discord (

Step 02: Go to Channel Named "how-to-whitelist"
Step 03: Complete all steps mentioned in "how-to-whitelist"

Step 04: Open a Ticket inside Discord to claim the Whitelist reward

Option 2 (Twitter Whitelists)

Step 01: Join our Twitter (

Step 02: See our Pinned Post and complete all the steps

Note: This method is not 100% guaranteed whether you will win the WL spot or not. It all depends on the
requirements mentioned in the google form linked with our Twitter Pinned post.


Option 3 (Portfolio Verified Whitelist Giveaway)

If you have a history of 1 ETH of portfolio trading NFTs or have at least 1 ETH worth of NFTs available in your wallet then you are eligible to get a Whitelist Spot of Groovy Owl Society NFTs. All you need to do is to fill the form below for us to get your wallet verified followed by a Whitelist spot giveaway


Register Yourself for Whitelist Spot

(Portfolio Whitelist Giveaways)

Thanks for registering.

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